Sunday, 19 January 2014

Optical laboratory (or glasses workshop!)

Two (or was it three?) years ago we were in the process of making a room for the glasses making equipment. Before the room was ready the owner of the previous workshop died suddenly and his family wished to sell the house immediately. To cut a long story short the equipment, frames and lenses were all quickly brought to us and the workshop set up temporarily! 

Our UK partner, Dave Bennet has sent new equipment and a new stock of frames and lenses which arrived on Friday. Kenneth decided the workshop must be finished this time, so he emptied it, dismantled all the shelving and then worked like a slave all last week. He finished plastering the room, sanded the walls and painted them. Then he put in laminate flooring, window sills and finally doors and door frames. Now he just has to build up all the shelving again and arrange everything ...

Hopefully we'll soon be back into periodic vision screening and providing free or cheap glasses for poor people.