Wednesday, 23 February 2011

new web site

I will post photos of Christmas and after soon ... honestly, I will but it's been such a busy busy busy time and fraught with personal problems. To name but a few, my mother has been very ill, my father died (I wasn't even informed, I found out three weeks after the event which was pretty distressing), Kenny has been unwell and my laptop had to be sent away for repair. I now have Amy's old laptop which is newer than mine as Grandad bought her a new one for Christmas so I'm up and running again.

Philip has very kindly started work on a new website for us. As yet it doesn't have a huge amount on it but we will be adding to it and of course it has a link to my blog. Please click on the link and have a wee look anyway ... and I will get back to blogging as soon as possible! We are in Scotland just now primarily to meet with our trustees and support group and to attend a fund raising ceilidh being held by West Glasgow New Church in Cleveden secondary school on Saturday evening (tomorrow). The last one they held was amazing and great fun so we are looking forward to it and hoping it might cheer us up a little along the way!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

a hard winter

Winter hit us in November with some very cold snowy weather, and again in December we had loads of snow before Christmas. During the week before Christmas the temperature suddenly rose from well below zero up to an incredible 13 degrees C, unheard of here in December. It was good news in terms of heating bills which are always a struggle to pay but unfortunately didn't last and on Christmas day during the evening the snow returned and with it, the cold. Since then the temperatures have remained a good bit below zero and the snow is thick on the ground everywhere. Christmas was, as usual an extremely busy time for us with Christmas parties and shoebox gifts to organise -I hope to find time this week to download photos from the camera and post some ... but don't hold your breath!