Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cristina's back!

Cristina worked with us for a few months and was excellent. Prior commitments limited her time with us but now we have the chance to employ her again for a month, perhaps a little longer. It's very exciting because we badly need help with all the admin and haven't yet found a suitable person for the longer term. As is so often the case, we don't have the necessary funding to employ anyone but we so badly need staff that we are taking yet another step of faith, albeit this time a smaller one than some of our past ones!

Friday, 12 April 2013

More from Retford New Life Centre team at the Secret Garden

We had a great few days with Susan Davies and the Retford guys - all respect, Susan for coming out with five boys / men!
It's been a busy two weeks for them, but then, our weeks are always busy aren't they?  It's lovely to have both activity rooms and the entrance hall repainted, they badly needed it - Luca, our street 'boy' volunteer kept trying to get them to sand and paint the dining room too!  They promised him 'next time' ...
Spring this year didn't come properly - it's been unseasonably wet and miserable at times but on Tuesday it was dry so we took the chance to have a day in the forest with children from one of the poor communities - I'll post photos soon.
All in all, a very successful and fruitful 'mission' for the team! As for us all at 'A Child's Dream'  it's always very rewarding when visitors enjoy their stay as evidenced by the guys all echoing  Arnold Swartzeneggar's famous words -  'I'LL BE BACK'!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Retford 'Dream Team' at the Secret Garden

On Tuesday the team from Retford arrived ready for action! They have spent the past three days singing, dancing, telling stories, playing games and sanding and painting. The drop in centre badly needed repainting but as with everything else it's a question of time and money!
We now have lovely peach coloured walls in both activity rooms and the entrance hall - it looks really lovely! 
This week in Romania was 'Scoala Altfel' (School Differently) and we were invited into the local village school, Livada Scoala Generala and one of the city's high schools, Moise Nicoara to do activities with the pupils - a huge amount of fun was had by all.