Saturday, 2 October 2010

Eye Testing

We only returned from the UK two weeks ago but it seems like an age. Last week I was away at a conference Monday and Tuesday, while on Tuesday Kenneth picked up two Optometrists from the UK and headed off with them to the next county to do eye testing in two different towns. They returned to Arad on Thursday night after midnight and on Friday spent all day testing at the Secret Garden and today (Saturday) all day in another town. During the year we carry out screening clinics and then all the referred patients are re-called to be seen by the Optometrists. It's a very busy week for them and us. As I write it's 2315 and Kenneth, Jane and Ian are still busy making up the glasses - there are a lot of pairs to be made!

In addition to all the busy-ness of the last week, Angelica dropped a real bombshell on Friday - she has been offered the chance of a good job (with a good salary) in Spain from next week. We We didn't demand that Angelica works her notice because she would lose the job if she wasn't available immediately. Angelica is a wonderful woman who has been a real pleasure to have as part of our small team - in spite of pretty awful home circumstances she is never ruffled and has provided us with a calming influence that has greatly helped us all in our stressful work. Her leaving means I will have to go back to being on site pretty much all the time ... there goes the time I thought I had for looking for funding and sponsorship!