Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Annual trek across Europe

At the beginning of August Amy, Nina and I began the annual drive across Europe, Kenneth having flown over to Scotland ahead of us for heart and other medical check ups! It was the first time either Amy or I had done the drive without Kenneth's help, so we were a little nervous about it - though to be honest I think Kenneth was far more anxious for us than we were! He made us up a folder with all our travel arrangements beautifully organised ... with money for road taxes in the relevant currencies and even coins for toilet stops and two pound coins for the Dartford Tunnel in London!

We enjoyed the journey and had a lot of fun together ... Nina kept calling it 'our girls trip out'! After several stops along the way we arrived in Glasgow and are spending the time catching up with as many family and friends as possible and sharing all the news about our Work In Arad.It's wonderful to have so many positive aspects to report on and very little negative ... it hasn't always been that way, that's for sure! 

Amy and Nina in Ikea in Traun, Austria
Nina at the Formula 1 hotel in Dunkirk waiting to leave
The 'White cliffs of Dover'"
A girl needs her pearls when she's traveling!