Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Decorating eggs for Easter at the Secret Garden

Romania has a lovely tradition of decorating eggs for Easter and each year we continue this tradition in the Secret Garden, as best as we are able! This year one of our mums gave us a lovely idea, to varnish the blown eggs and to decorate them with an assortment of tiny beads, sequins and table confetti kindly sent by Kate's uncle Bill!

The results were lovely and when Amy came for a very short surprise visit just before Easter, she loved them and took them back to Scotland, where she sold them - profits will go into the daily food budget!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Our new office ... at last!

After many months of obstacles to the building of our office, it's finally finished (well, very nearly) and in use! While the builder was working we had unseasonal flooding and a whole host of other problems which slowed down the work, but it's been worth it all.

With a grant from USAID via Peace Corps we have been able to purchase four laptop computers and other office equipment. We opted for laptops as they will be used in the office and also for computer training of both staff and clients, they give us the flexibility to work anywhere.

Shaneka, our Peace Corps volunteer for the past year and eight months worked with Amy (our daughter and former volunteer!) on the grant application and we are grateful to them both for all their hard work. The photo shows Kenneth and Shaneka using the office for the very first time to discuss (appropriately) the computer training programme. Shaneka has left us earlier than planned due to personal issues so the computer the training will be carried out by Kenneth as and when he can fit it in, until we find someone willing to take it on.