Monday, 3 May 2010

Linda Rushbrook

Our hearts are heavy today as we remember our dear friend Linda who passed away yesterday afternoon. Linda was an amazing woman who worked here in Arad for many years with some of Romania's most neglected "orphans". The many young people helped by Linda and her husband Harold grew up in "orphanages" for children with physical and/or mental disabilities and for many of them, knowing Linda was the first experience of love and acceptance in their lives.

Linda gave of her time and love sacrificially and never ceased in her efforts to make this world a better place for some of society's most marginalized people. We have been privileged to be her friend and to work together on occasion. In a conversation with Linda seven years ago she said to me "As a Christian what can I do that others are not doing? I can love unconditionally and never, ever give up on them!"

Linda never gave up on people. Those for whom she laboured might not always have been fully capable of appreciating what she did for them, but they will surely miss her and there will be many tears shed in the coming days for her passing. We will never forget her.