Sunday, 25 April 2010

Scottish Gymnastics at the Secret Garden!

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of visitors and activity ... we have had four different lots of visitors and have also been away visiting two projects in another city. First came Dave and Michelle, with whom we travelled to the city of Petrosan. Dave is our partner in vision care from the UK - he came to check up on Kenneth's testing and glasses making techniques ... ha ha! Michelle is from "Hunanity at Heart" a small charity in the south of England which is very kindly paying our social worker, Dana's salary for a whole year.

While we were in Petrosan with Dave and Michelle, visiting two separate charities there, our next visitors, Robert and Jean Callahan from Falkirk arrived, having driven over from Scotland with a van loaded with goodies!

Next to arrive were Lau and Vali, very dear friends of ours from Galati, on the far side of the country. Lau and Vali have worked for many years with street children and poor families in Galati and the distance between us prevents us from seeing each other more often - it takes a 9 hour train jouney followed by a three or four hour one to get to Galati!

When lau and Vali set off back to Galati, and Robert and Jean back to bonnie Scotland, Lynsey and Callum finally arrived (also from Scotland), having been delayed by the volcanic eruptions in Iceland and ended up coming across Europe by train instead of by plane.

So ... April was indeed a busy month. Our children and young people have cartwheeled, back flipped and roly-polyed to their hearts content, our ladies have learned to do patchwork with Michelle and we have all benefitted from the song/dance children's cd's Robert and Jean brought for the warm ups ... "

Friday, 9 April 2010

millenium centre comes to secret garden

For the past couple of years we have been privileged to have young volunteers joining us from all over Europe via the Milennium Centre in Arad. So far we have had young people from Estonia, Spain, Poland, Georgia, Slovakia and many more (apologies to volunteers whose countries I didn't mention!) We have had some truly amazing young people helping us at the centre and the children and young people have appreciated the great variety of volunteers. Here is a video made by Eve from Estonia and Magda from Poland ...

Day in Kathy center
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