Thursday, 24 October 2013

PRYDE team at the Secret Garden (Pennyburn Regeneration Youth Development Enterprise)

We were privileged to have a community group from Ayrshire in Scotland with us for the past few days. They were a well motivated, hard working group who were a pleasure to work with! Jobs like clearing out the garage, which would frighten lesser mortals were tackled with enthusiasm and good humour ... Activities with children were fun, educational and very entertaining! Thanks so much Theresa and your excellent team, we enjoyed having you with us and we hope that you'll be back!
children and mums were delighted to paint on porcelain plates
captive audience at one of the village schools
making windchimes and sun catchers
making windmills
Theresa demonstrating how the sun catchers work
concentrating hard
''look, it catches the sun!''
re-attaching the chimes
Kalman, the street boy who had his throat cut a couple of months ago ... now fully recovered,
except that he can only speak in whispers and proudly holding his own hand painted mug!

Marius painting a mug for his girlfriend, Cristina
hidden artistic talent