Thursday, 10 June 2010

sewing workshop

We recently had the privilege of having Michelle Ellel (trying saying that three times quickly!) from Humanity at Heart in the UK with us teaching a group of ladies how to do patchwork. Michelle showed us photos of some of her own work ... we definitely don't aspire to anything as wonderful, (if you're reading this, Michelle, you're an artist and ought to be rich from the proceeds of your beautiful work!) but hopefully with time and patience we might eventually produce a quilt or wall hanging!
Michelle explained to us all about patchwork making traditions in the past, where groups of women would get together and make quilts as a social event ... during the time they cut and sewed they chatted and gossiped.
Most of our women are so poor and so disheartened by life that it's extremely hard for them to find the motivation to do anything. We don't expect miraculous results but if we can offer women a relatively simple activity to do while they chat over their coffee then it's worthwhile. The main point of the exercise for us is that it's something women can do together and enjoy each others company while at the same time making something beautiful and practical.

Who knows, with time they all might end up with a pretty wall hanging or bedspread to brighten up their simple homes.


euthymic said...

Thanks for sharing. I have relatives who lived in Romania and they had stirred up my interest in the country. Your blog is very nice, I love the quilt making story, I think there was an American movie about the making of a quilt and how it interwove with their lives, and this post made me think of that. I will doubtless be visiting your blog every now and then:)

Humanity at Heart said...

Thanks for your kind comments Katy, I really hope the ladies enjoy their sewing acitivity. did the paperwork reach you? I look forward to coming and doing this again soon.