Thursday, 29 November 2007

Visit to Bonnie Scotland!

After not managing over to the UK at all this summer we finally found a 10 day gap between visitors to make a visit and catch up with business at the Scottish end of the charity. We had a meeting with our trustees and our Scottish support group as well as appearing at a few other gatherings and meetings.

We were overwhelmed as usual by the kindness and generosity we received while in Scotland. A special treat was being invited to the Girls' Brigade group in Brightons, Falkirk. The girls were so lovely and interested in our work, asking all kinds of relevant questions about the children here in Arad. I was touched to be given a cheque for over £300 by the group.
On our first Sunday we attended our own church, West Glasgow New Church which was great as it allowed us to catch up with many of our friends. On the second Sunday we went to Brightons Parish church in the morning where we were invited to address the children ... Kenneth gave them a practical demonstration of how street children dress and where they find their food (I'll leave that to the imagination!) After church we spoke at the youth fellowship, followed by the church choir who surprised us with the gift of an amazing £1000 from sales of their cd. In the evening we visited Sauchie United Free Church of Scotland and we were touched by the friendliness and warmth of our welcome.

All in all it was a really good visit but over too soon and almost before we knew it we were back in Arad and in the thick of things again. Two visitors from France had arrived in our absence and had done a great job of fending for themselves and keeping Amy and Rosie company. We collected another two visitors at Budapest airport on our way back so the last week has been very busy showing them all around. The morning after our arrival saw the delivery of Christmas shoe boxes from Blythswood Care in Scotland. We have already given out almost 600 boxes to very poor families. Hopefully we are having some more helpers arrive in December to help with this task - we try our best to make sure all the boxes go to the genuinely needy, they really do make a difference (photos next time) so we are very grateful to Blythswood and to all those who make it possible.

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