Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wee Joe

This is wee Joe, Cornelia's son, sitting on the ground outside his house. He and his mum and sisters are still living in the old house which could fall down any day. Cornelia's building work has come to a temporary halt as she is at present in hospital with two of her children. Due to their poor living conditions wee Joe's recent cold turned into a severe chest infection. Joe, along with his baby sister, Anetta was admitted into hospital. It is fairly common for children from families living in poverty to end up in hospital with what should have been a simple minor ailment. Their desperate living conditions and lack of proper nourishment weakens their resistence and they can quickly become very ill. Joe and his sister are now getting the treatment they need and decent food in hospital, so hopefully will soon be better.

Here is Anetta in hospital. She's quite happy to be there ... after all her mummy is with her and the staff are lovely. In fact, both children are better off than at home, warm and dry, a bed each and meals three times a day!

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Philip said...

Great blog, really well written and I hope that Joe gets well and the house will get finished soon.